About Us


For 20 years, Garage Sale Bonanza has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for Non-Profit Charities, Community Service, Bargain Hunters, and the needy families of Ashtabula County. Find out how you can contribute to the future of Garage Sale Bonanza through donations of money, vehicles, items, and time

Our Timeline

Garage Sale Bonanza started in 2000 in a private garage with only one Non-Profit Organization, WTLC. After that first experience, the idea of inviting other non-profits to participate was born. Possible sites were explored and thus the second GSB was moved to the former Heavenly Ham Building with two Non-Profits participating.  More organizations began to join in the efforts. GSB stayed at that site for 5 years, then moved to The Saybrook Plaza where it grew and expanded for the next 9 years. A few years ago in, 2015, the site was moved to the Carlisle Engineering building in the Pennzoil Plaza (on Rt 84). As of 2017 is now located, (Permanently) in the old armory on State Rd. Over the past 19 years, volunteers from 27 non-profit organizations donated over 100 thousand volunteer hours and generated a total of over half a million dollars which benefited the people of Ashtabula County. 

More Info

The Garage Sale Bonanza event serves local, national, and international Non-Profit Organizations. By providing bargains to Ashtabula County, we are dedicated to helping our community, as well as all the Non-Profit Organizations involved.