The Donation Shed Is Out!

How to Join

If your organiztion would like to participate in Garage Sale Bonanza, just simply email the IRS 501c3 Determination Letter to or mail it to 

Amber Place

c/o Garage Sale Bonanza

PO Box 174

Jefferson, OH 44047

Contact Us

Charity Information

How Donations Work

$50,000 in Income

- $5,000 in Expenses

$45,000 to Distribute

15,000 hrs Total GSB 

Volunteer Hours

2,500 hrs Individual NPO Contribution

2500/15,000 = 16.7% Percentage 

of Volunteer Hours

45,000 x 16.7% = 

$7,515 Proceeds to the NPO

Charities Involved

Damsels in Distress

Special Olympics

Rustler Ranch

Leaves for Life

Ashtabula Senior Center

Faith in Action

Conversation Station

Jefferson Village Depot

Jefferson VFW

Lighthouse Harvest‚Äč

Christian Faith Academy


Donation Proccesing

Most of what we take in we sell at the Garage Sale Bonanza. Items that we do not sell we donate to our participating Non-Profit Organizations. For example, we do not sell Automobiles or Real Estate so we use it or we direct it to the appropriate organization that can use it. Anything that does not sell is made available for needy families of Ashtabula County. Now that we have a permanent location, some items will be able to be held over for future Garage Sale Bonanzas.